Your Community. Welcome to the Haus

WELCOME! Thanks for becoming a part of our community. Whether already a member or soon to be one, we want to invite you all to our place of growth, support, and friendship. Clubhaus Fitness is the place you come to workout and hangout.

Clubhaus is not like any other gym you've ever been too. Most gyms are places where people go to put their headphones on, work out, and act like nobody else exists. You do your workout and leave. We're not like that. We encourage getting involved with one another, our instructors, our trainers, and our staff. We're one big family dedicated to providing the best experience to our members. We care the most about seeing you succeed in your health and fitness goals.

Along with the main gym floor, where you can fly it solo and get the occasional spot when needed, we offer many classes. Our most popular, by far, is Brickhaus. Classes are a great way to get introduced to our community. You get to meet our instructors, who love their job. I should know because I am one! You also get to meet other members and make friends/future workout buddies while doing a fun, exciting, workout. Don't worry! We have a classes for everyone. From HIIT to strength training to yoga meditation, we promise there's a class for you.

The smoothie bar is a perfect place to relax after a workout. You can read, write some emails, or just hangout! Our desk staff loves getting to know members too so there's always someone to talk to while you enjoy your healthy post workout shake.

We want to offer the the upmost best experience when you walk into the HAUS. That's why we offer all the amenities we do. Towel service, complimentary coffee, clean facilities, high-tech equipment, and the finest quality locker rooms are all to make you feel more at home, because after all, it is your gym, your community, your haus.

This blog is for you! We want our community to be active and engaging with us and each other. It's here for you to ask questions, gain knowledge on health and fitness, and get support on your journey. We're in it together.