How to Avoid Plateaus

Plateaus are real! They can come from many causes too. Whether it's strength or weight loss or even weight gain plateaus can keep you from moving on up the chain towards your goals. There is, however, a way to keep plateaus out of the realm of possibility.

First let's look at what causes plateaus. Understanding what they are and what causes them helps you avoid hitting them and helps you get out of one if you happen to be stuck. Plateaus are when results stop occurring after already experiencing some progress. When it comes to avoiding plateaus it's key to understand "just because something works now, doesn't mean it will continue to work in the future." Why? Because the body adapts to change and it does this very efficiently in most people.

There are some strategies I want to give you that I personally use to avoid plateaus all together. The first has to do with your goal. You need to have a specific goal, the more specific, the better. Having a specific goal allows you to keep your sights clear. You need a clear vision of what you want to get results. Unclear visions are messy, unorganized, and difficult to see progress because you don't even know what you're working for. That would be like getting in your car to go somewhere without knowing where you're going; it could be fun, but would you actually go anywhere? So, step 1... Define your goal.

The next thing you need is the ability to scale. You may have a plan, but if that plan is not scaling up a pyramid, you'll just be running in circles. Think about it.. we know the body adapts, so if you do the same workout, without changing anything, your body won't change. Never expect to do the same thing over and over and get different results. You need to constantly be progressing forward, UP in intensity. You can do this by increasing volume, load, frequency, speed, etc..

My last tip for you is more on the mental state of plateaus, otherwise known as burnout. You can reach a plateau just by getting bored of doing the same thing over and over. Try something new! Clubhaus offers many classes so if there's some you haven't tried... Do it! Maybe you need a workout partner or maybe you need a trainer, whatever it is, try something new and fun to avoid the mental plateau of burnout. Now this doesn't guarantee you'll get different results physically, but you'll sure feel better about doing the work.

Ya'll, it's important to realize genetics are limited. The longer you train and the more progress you make, the more work it takes to get less results. It's the law of diminishing returns. You can get amazing results in the beginning and see lots of change, but it takes much more effort the further down the road you are. You won't see those massive results as quickly as you did when you began. This is why the first 20 lbs is relatively easy to lose but the second 15 lbs is more difficult. Keep your expectations in check and you'll be much happier and much more driven to stick with it.

1. Define Goal

2. Scale Upward

3. Change it up and have fun