We recently learned that one of our staff members has tested positive for Covid-19. We immediately took action and are following all recommended guidelines from the public health authorities, including the Centers for Disease Control. The staff member that tested positive worked yesterday and today and all members and staff who were in contact have been notified. All staff who were in contact are quarantining and testing before returning to the club. All areas of the club are sanitized on a regular basis with CDC recommended protocols and have been sanitized thoroughly again this evening. We have many staff members who were not in contact with the employee therefore the club continues to remain open for business and we will continue with our regular class schedule as much as possible. Any canceled classes will be noted as such on the schedule. We ask you to continue to mask up, use the hand sanitizer in the club, clean and sanitize equipment after use and practice social distancing. We will continue our cleaning regimen, small class sizes and other CDC protocols. We have also placed HEPA air purifiers in our studios which replace the air in the room every 30 minutes as an additional measure. Thank you for your understanding and your support!

Posting a map of the Mount Sequoyah center with our buildings marked to pin to the top of our page. If you haven't been up here yet to check it out, come see us!

This is the view this morning from the Reformer studio. We are still working out some kinks, still moving, still improving, but we are happy with where we’ve landed. Come see us @mountsequoyah! If you dropped your membership and are ready to come back, send us a DM and we’ll get you back on track!

OPENING DAY! We will be open tomorrow, January 1. The Chapel/Gym is still under construction and a bit of a mess but it will be open 8-5. We are not employing a front desk so the door will be unlocked. There is not currently a way to check in but that will be up soon. Just bear with us as we continue to make improvements and finish up our move! We look forward to seeing you!

Unfortunately due to the amount of rain forecasted for tomorrow evening, we've decided to cancel the Open House. We would still love to show you around so if you want to stop by in the next few days, please do! Shoot us a DM to make sure someone will be around and we will be happily show off the new digs! You can check out a map of Mount Sequoyah on our website (click on the events tab or locations).