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What is Ignite Health Coaching?

I help people, primarily women, figure out why taking care of ourselves can sometimes be so difficult and then move past those barriers. I help guide, equip and inspire people who are ready to create lifelong health and meaningful happiness.
Most of us know that we need to eat better, exercise regularly and reduce our stress. Duh. So, why don’t we all just eat better, exercise regularly and reduce our stress? Well, it’s a little complicated, right? At Ignite Health Coaching, I equip you, step-by-step, to make lifelong changes to live healthier and happier lives through programs based upon pillars of Balance, Empowerment and Self-Awareness.

I believe that all aspects of your needs – nutritional, environmental, psychological, physical and social – must be seen as a whole in order to tap into your stronger self in a way that lasts. Of course, I equip you with knowledge about nutrition and physical fitness, but you’ll find that when your heart and mind are on a good path, your body will align itself accordingly.

- Amanda Treece


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