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Keep Moving, by Deanna Cicatiello

As I creep closer to the 50 year old mark of my life, I realize more and more what a difference it makes to KEEP MOVING. I have been active all my life, in some form, from junior high and high school basketball to participating in group fitness, leading group fitness, personal training, tennis, half marathons, riding bikes and hiking with my family.  Movement has always been my way of life, and my hopes are that it will also be with my children. I truly think it will because they view it as fun family time rather than mandatory exercise. They have also found, through trial and error, activities that they enjoy such as dance, cross country and karate. 

We’ve all heard the dozens of benefits of regular exercise as well as the perils of inactivity, so I won’t list them here. My point is that we MUST keep moving in some form. God did not make our bodies to be sedentary. He made them to be resilient and to heal themselves to become stronger. Find a form of exercise that you enjoy. Some might say, “What could possibly make exercise enjoyable?” Different people have different motivational influences; some could be social, competitive, positive mental benefits, love of the outdoors, weight control, looking great, or all of the above. 

If you are someone who is not currently “moving," it’s never too late to get started. Every day you have the opportunity to accomplish something you’ve never done before, and that is a great feeling. If you’re currently “moving," keep it up! If you get bored, change it up and keep it exciting. Get inventive.  Push yourself to meet new goals. The older you get, the better it will feel--believe me. 

Lastly, I cannot ignore diet in this blog post. This paragraph should actually be closer to the top. Although I am not one who restricts my diet completely, healthy, clean eating is crucial for maintaining health, feeling good, and taking care of the one body God made for you. Over the years, I’ve had so many people ask me how to get rid of “this and that."  Many times the answer is simply, DIET.  If you’re feeling pulled to improve your diet, don’t go cold turkey (pun) on restrictions.  Start small, and as you develop certain healthy eating habits, go a step further. Unreasonable goals will set you up for failure. 

Clubhaus Fitness cares about your quality of life. That’s what we are all about. So KEEP MOVING!

Deanna Cicatiello
--Deanna Cicatiello is a group fitness instructor and contributor at Clubhaus Fitness, Fayetteville.